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“The dance is not where we lose ourselves. But where we find ourselves.”- Gabrielle Roth

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Join the Party - Get Energized

Ready to have a blast? Join ZUMBA at MEDITANZ! This is a purposeful Zumba class that will help you burn calories like a metabolic machine, build your stamina, learn authentic Latin rhythms, tone specific muscles and release stress and tension - while having tons of fun! 

I suggest adaptations in the movements so you can feel confident and challenged.

THURSDAYS: 20:00-21:00 in Thalwil 


23CHF/60min. 10x-PUNCH CARD


Fast Learning - Confidence Boost

You would love to join a Zumba class but are terrified you have 2 left feet? I know there is a true DANCER inside every one of us. If I managed to teach a Swiss volleyball team of (very tall) men to dance Salsa confidently – I think I can make about anyone dance! I am calling this the highest certificate in my dance career.

So don’t let this stop you from having the greatest cardio fun of your life!

Also adapted for ambitious dancers that want to take their moves to a next level.

100CHF/60min. ONE-TIME

90CHF/60min. 10x-PUNCH CARD  

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REconnect - RElease - REshine

This is a full immersion workshop for women where I combine my knowledge as a Psychologist and Holistic Healing Therapist so you can reconnect with the POWER of transformation that lies already within you and can effectively let go that which does not allow you to BE who you truly want to be. Experience a true transformation that lasts!