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Dance Instructor, Certified Life Coach and "Cook+Manager+Nurse+all other titles" that come with being a Mom

I truly believe in the amazing power of body movement to reconnect to oneself – when done consciously. I have felt it countless times during challenges in my life and have seen the incredible positive force of body movement when guiding students at the dance floor or clients in their Healing Journey.

I am a passionate Mexican-born dancer, who fell in love with the stage at the early age of 3 – smiling so much through the first performance that I barely caught my breath. I studied Ballet and Jazz and then started teaching when I was 15 years old. Latin Rhythms got naturally integrated with fun ballroom dancing courses as well as Zumba teaching. My background in Psychology and Education helps me guide each person so they grow and own their Light through the love of dance!

When I am not twirling and shaking to Latin music with my 2 energetic daughters, I work in my private Praxis supporting people to reconnect to their innate power of healing and transformation in a very effective and loving way.